Create A Work Wardrobe That Stands Out

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Of course looking professional in the workplace is a must but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your personal style. Employers want someone that isn’t afraid to be themselves, even in a stuffy workplace environment. That’s why creating a professional workplace wardrobe that shows off your personal style is more than just fashionable, it’s career boosting! Showing off your style while keeping things profesh is a great way to show that you’re fun, flexible, and still willing to get the job done. When building a wardrobe it’s important to keep a few things in mind and there may be some extra rules for creating a workplace wardrobe but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it. So let’s begin!

Create A Work Wardrobe That Stands Out

First things first, you’ll need the basics. Any workplace wardrobe needs a few basic pieces to build from. Starting with the basics is a good way to outline what your look is going to be. For a workplace wardrobe you’ll need a few good undershirts, some dress pants, and at least one nice pencil skirt. Keep your basics neutral. We’ll add more color later but for now your basic pieces should be brown, black, or gray. I think it’s best to keep your basics strictly black, that way you can really go wild with the colored accessories and statement pieces. Aside from the aforementioned basic pieces you’ll probably also need a few pairs of work appropriate shoes. You can find great deals on great shoes at Payless. If you do plan on wearing heels keep them on the shorter side and remember that closed toe shoes are best for the workplace. If you’d like to keep your wardrobe more neutral then get a colorful pair of shoes that’ll really pop. If you’re more into accessories and colorful blouses, keep the shoes neutral so as not to clash.

Now that you’ve got most of the basics you’ll be needing it’s time for the fun stuff. You’ll find incredibly modern and fashion forward suits at Neiman Marcus. These modern suits feature all the latest trends including unique textures, embroidery, pops of color, bold tailoring, and so much more. You’ll definitely be the talk of the office in these stunning workplace looks. A great way to give your work wardrobe an edge is to add a leather jacket. If you’re wearing a professional suit with a casual tone, adding a tailored leather jacket elevates the look while giving it a distinct edge. It’s a great way to look professional and casual at the same time.

Accessories are key when creating a wardrobe that reflects your personal style while staying professional and work appropriate. A pair of funky sunglasses or a colorful scarf really do go a long way in a wardrobe of neutral colored basic pieces. Macy’s has amazing offers on must have accessories that will take your look to the next level.

Remember every wardrobe needs to start with the basics so be sure to stock up on those first. Add to your wardrobe little by little with pops of color, tailored suiting, and unique textures. With a workplace wardrobe you may need to color in the lines a little but that’s better than not coloring at all!

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