A House Jewel In Milan In 30 m²

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A House Jewel In Milan In 30 m²

In the collective imagination when it comes to interior architecture, comfort is synonymous with space, and in many respects this is also true. Yet, it is not said that a limited-size environment is not able to offer everything that is needed daily. Of course, much depends on the number of family members and their needs. It is natural that more people need more space … but what if a small apartment is a single person for more with special requests That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. Directly from Abruzzo, a young entrepreneur decides to buy a pied land in Milan to have a stable base during his travels and, once he finds the ideal place, turns to the experts for Restructuring for the renovation work. For architects there is a real challenge the apartment measures 30 square meters and will have everything it takes to make the environment sober, discreet, modern, welcoming and above all complete! Of course the challenge has been accepted, and this is the result

To make the most intriguing work is surely the generous height of the apartment. The owner did not want the bed to be seen and refused the idea of ??a sofa bed, so he immediately thought of a mezzanine to be allocated to the sleeping area. In agreement with the architects then, it was agreed that the most suitable system was not the use of a movable, porous, or even wooden, structure that at the upper level provided the mattress leaving the lower one free to be furnished with a desk or couch . But, it is thought of a much more original and most advantageous solution, a wardrobe that also serves as a storage room!

The sleeping area

A bench and four shelves that at first impact seem even slim shelves, act as stairs. The composite staircase is firmly fixed to the wall, and emphasized by the light of a step-by-step light, gives a minimalist character to the whole environment. Once you get to the mezzanine floor you will find yourself in a really essential bed, a mattress is lying centrally in relation to the two supporting walls, while a masonry compartment serves as a precious bedside table. Two slats on the other two sides make the bed safe and protect the area from the bottom view.

The view from above

From the loft you can take a look at the entire apartment, especially the living area. The dining area consists of a simple white table with clean and linear lines, with four white chairs, with original design. Behind the table, a wall with masonry shelves serves as a library. The living area, on the other hand, consists of two black leather chairs and an important design, arranged to enjoy the natural light from a huge window, the only natural light source of the environment. In the center of the armchairs there is a white, simple and discreet cylindrical pouffe, while a low table is wall-mounted.

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